Legislative Priorities

Funding Schools and Improving Learning

We put billions of dollars in new resources directly into the classroom.  We also provided money for critical school needs such as expanded school readiness and special education.

  • Historic per pupil funding increases
  • Significant resources for school safety improvements
  • Reformed teacher licensure laws to make it easier for schools to find and hire qualified teachers
  • Repealed the outdated “last in, first out” law, allowing schools to consider teacher effectiveness, and not just seniority, when making tough layoff decisions

Families First by Lowering Costs

As chair of the Tax Committee, I am proud of the historic financial relief we’ve provided to communities, schools, parents, local businesses, farmers, parents, young families, middle-income workers, and seniors over the last four years.

  • Passed the largest tax relief bill and provided the first real income tax rate cut in two decades
  • Eliminated most Social Security income taxes
  • Created a tax credit for recent college graduates paying off student loans
  • Supported reducing charitable gaming taxes to keep more charitable contributions in our communities

Access, Transparency and Accountability in Health Care

We delivered on our promise to fix MNSure and reduce health care costs.  Minnesotans now enjoy the lowest health insurance premiums in the nation thanks to our reinsurance program.

  • Committed new resources to Direct Service Providers, Personal Care Attendants, Group Homes and Adult Day Centers who care for our most vulnerable loved ones
  • Delivered landmark protections to end abuse in long-term care facilities
  • Created nation-leading legislation to curb the opioid crisis
  • Reduced prescription drug costs and passed new restrictions on the middlemen who drive up prices
  • Approved the historic Alec Smith Insulin Affordability bill

Making Roads and Bridges a Priority

Senate Republicans made the largest investment in rebuilding roads and bridges across Minnesota since 2008 and fixed the disastrous MNLARS licensing system.

  • Infused Minnesota’s transportation system with $600 million in new, ongoing funding, and an additional $300 million in one-time transportation funding from bonding
  • Blocked efforts to raise gas taxes and license tab fees

Accomplishments I Championed

  • Banned companies from using the cancer-causing chemical TCE in manufacturing processes (Water Gremlin)
  • Continued bipartisan work on dyslexia and literacy.  Passed evidence-based reading and screening requirements to help students with dyslexia and required the Department of Education to hire a dyslexia specialist to advise schools and teachers on best practices
  • Improvements to the Hugo Short Line rail line to create 500 new jobs and benefit the surrounding community
  • Eliminated the ridiculous requirement that kids get a permit to operate a lemonade or other small food stands

I Will Continue To Work On:

  • Opportunity scholarships to make sure disadvantaged students have equal access to a great education
  • Opposing the Met Council’s ill-advised plan for a parking ramp and buses in downtown White Bear Lake
  • Implementing the successful LETRS program to improve literacy
  • Improving school district funding so it’s more fair to districts that lack property wealth
  • Ending Human Trafficking
  • Rebuilding and improving the County Road J/35E interchange
  • Criminal justice reform – including probation, veterans court, felony murder laws and law enforcement

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